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I work full time in a mixed role that combines Agile Project Management, System Administration, Web Development and IT Support. As part of this role I have both worked extensively with and consulted for a number of global companies and brands, including Xerox, Tripadvisor, Portakabin, Hotels.com and more.

Here are some examples of projects I have worked on;

Portakabin and other Shepherd Group Companies
For the Shepherd group of companies I worked on an ongoing project to develop and enhance their web presence across 16 group companies. This included development of a bespoke Content Management System (Veloseo), ensuring full Search Engine Optimisation compatibility within the sites, and providing a robust and reliable platform for both their website hosting and the processing of contact forms from over 120 different forms across multiple sites.

Just some of the improvements I delivered to the project were

– Designed, managed and developed a contact form management system to allow easy maintenance of a massive number of contact forms. The system is PHP and mySQL based, and includes a complex rule system that allows us to have single contact forms with in excess of 100 different routing options, depending on the choices made by the user. It also allows for various different options after completing the form, such as download links and different analytics options. This reduced the time taken to maintain and deploy new forms by 90%, which allowed us to both reduce costs and maximize profits.

-Continual evolution and improvement of the content management systems which powered their site. This included delivering solutions such as modules to allow them easy upload of videos and case studies, providing a history and content version system, automated systems to enhance their search engine visibility of their site and managing staff working on further improvements to system such as automated career pages.


Safeguarding Children Boards
On these projects I worked with two different national charities (the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children and Kirklees Safeguarding Children Boards) for the prevention of and education about child abuse. I implemented a online course system in order for them to easily provide a basic certification to users nationally, and this has since been completed by over 40,000 users from various sectors such as teaching, local government and child welfare. This system again was PHP and MySQL based, and integrated as part of the Veloseo content management system.

These projects required a high level of attention to detail due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, and have led to recommendations to and enquiries from other Safeguarding boards nationwide due to the high standard of work we delivered.


As part of my ongoing work to develop new products for the company, I developed and deployed a worldwide network of 40 Linux servers which has a presence in over 35 countries worldwide. These have a variety of product options, including the anonymous proxy service which we provided to TripAdvisor. They continue to request 2-3 new locations monthly with us and the networking is expanding all the time.


Xerox are a long time client of the group of companies that i work for, and i have often provided technical consultancy to support Paid Search, SEO, Link-building and other activities for them. I also worked with them on a project to enhance the local presence of their country specific sites, which involved testing a number of websites running on servers in countries such as Norway and Greece to measure the impact and benefits we could deliver to them.


Global Hosting Product Development
The global hosting product that I developed and manage  includes 4 core products that could be provided based on our network of 40+ worldwide servers in various countries worldwide. These are

– Website hosting
– Website proxying service.
For this I developed a system which allowed clients to keep their websites on their current hosting platforms, but have our servers providing a cached content delivery mechanism within the target country. This allowed them to have the benefits of a local presence online without having to do costly or complicated changes to their current web investments.
– Proxy Servers
These were provided in order to allow clients to check their website rankings from within the target countries.
– International Domain Registration, Management and Renewal
I designed, launched and manage a product which lets us sell domain names from almost any country , including ones such as .cu (Cuba), .de (Germany), (.com.br) Brazil to name buy a few of the 250+ options we provide.

Combined, these products lead to a mid 5 figure income per year alone.


Local trader search engine service YellowTom are a long term client, recently fully acquired by the group. I initially started on the project as a development and hosting consultant, but last year moved into managing the project full time with a team of 5 staff whom I coordinate design and development work with and delivered the project phases. The project has a budget of over £500,000 over the next 18 months, Some of the major improvements I have brought to the project include;

– Optimising website hosting to provide a robust and stable service
– Analysis and optimisation of the website to provide the fastest possible loading times without damaging site functionality.
– Deployment of new improved site, with new design and new features.
– handling very large numbers of web pages (in excess of 250,000 unique urls) across multiple websites, while still maintaining excellent levels of service and reliability.

Audiobooks Online

The AudioBooks online project is a bespoke e-commerce solution built in PHP and MySQL which allows for rental of both CD and pre-loaded MP3 players with audio book content on. I worked on this project from before the site was launched several years ago, right up to the present day, and have played a key role in developing aspects such as the rental management interface, the online payment system and the addition of special offers and prepayment bonuses to the site.